Why I Love Annmarie.

by Lori Jones – 1/19/2019

My personal health journey has led me to seek out the purest, most naturally healing products when it comes to my skincare.  With having already gone through menopause surgically at 35, the aging process for me had accelerated at a rate that I was not prepared for.  What I realized along the way is that our skin is our largest organ and what you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN your body.  Your skin is exposed all day long to toxins in our environment whether from air, water, makeup or body lotion, to name a few. I was personally on a search for something anti-aging, truly natural, all organic but didn’t want to spend an enormous amount of money either!

Was reading a newsletter from one of my favorite companies that I follow, Food Matters, and they were talking about Annmarie Skincare, an all organic and natural skincare line.  They were offering to send samples of any of their collections, like for normal, oily, dry skin or anti-aging for only $10…what do I have to lose?  

I am very into the anti-aging line, especially the anti-aging eye cream, facial oil and serum, as well as the Micro Exfoliant scrub.  I love how happy I am with the results I am seeing and how in line it is with my philosophy and couldn’t think of using any other product at this point in my life.  I love that they run specials all the time and when I did reorder they sent a sample of their Wild Fruit Serum and I love that, too! It’s a great product and such a great way to try out something new.  

I so enjoyed checking out their website and learning about their offering and I didn’t find them too expensive, either!  In fact, I have used their products for about 7 months now and I have made my initial purchase last this long, so spending this amount of money was totally doable for me.

All in all, I love this company, I love what they stand for, their products are amazing and I love the network of like-minded companies and how they all support one another…it totally makes the world go ’round!