Must Have? MUSIC!

By Lori Jones – 1/26/2019

So I was just getting into my Epsom salt bath (so much to say about Epsom salt, but another blog, another day…:-p) and melting away to my Zen place and put on some music, as I always do.  Decided today was a day to listen to something I hadn’t heard in a while. It was Trevor Hall. I had attended a yoga class from Kristi Vitali, an amazing spirit and mentor here at Be Well Austin who specializes in myofascial release, life coaching, yoga & meditation, and she played this song at the end called Forgive.  I had never been so drawn into a song so profoundly before.  For the next several months, when I yearned for my Zen place, I would play his music.  Haven’t found a Trevor Hall song I don’t like!

“Forgiveness is forgiving, so give yourself this gift from time to time and let all of your mistakes become all of your greatest gifts in disguise.”  –Trevor Hall

His music pierced a hole in my soul that was eventually filled with love instead of self-doubt.  I needed to bleed out the negative, so I could fill it with positive. Music had this effect on me.  Music has always been important to me. I grew up listening to my parent’s music and their sheer joy and content they exuded when they listened to it.  And it’s also what initially drew me to my husband.

I was always the one that when a new song came out from an artist I was into at the time, especially as a young teen, you better bet I had all the lyrics memorized for the entire album in no time.  I could always find myself in a song….something I related very well to. Depending on what was going on in my life, isn’t it funny how it’s always there for you! It can be your best friend, it can be your worst enemy, it can bring you joy and romance, it can make you sad.  So, whatever mood, life event, joy, turmoil I experienced, I tended to go with the kind of music that fit whatever I was feeling and that made it all better.

Music is my savior.  So, during the time of extreme physical and mental pain of my health struggles, my connection to music was very strong.  It’s what carried me through. So, when I listen to Trevor Hall’s music, it opens up something in me that I am not aware of, it was much more spiritual and soothing and calming and enabled me to go deep.  Deep into my soul to find out how to fix this. Fix what was broken with my body.

So, during this period of healing, I listened to many other artists as well. Just like Trevor Hall opened up this spiritual side of me that was yearning to get out, I also had another feeling as well and that was anger.  So, I was listening to a lot of Pink, too. Had this other side of me that was releasing anger at my body and all it had put me through. Pink helped me push that out.  Also, Stevie Nicks, Timespace album, had a lot to do with pain and I resonated with that. Music got me through some really tough times in my life and I’m so grateful.

Looking back, I realize how stripping, how intense and how therapeutic music has been for me.  It has played a crucial role in my healing journey and will always be very close to my heart. There is something so very raw about someone having the guts to speak their truth through music, touch another soul and move them in ways they never imagined.

Music is not the only major component in my healing journey.  My next several blogs will be about those things that helped me tremendously on my healing journey.  I am anxious to share myself in the very similar way that musicians do with their music in hopes that it reaches YOU.

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